ZMap: Warcraft III Hack

Oct 1, 2008

Anyone who plays on Battle.Net knows about the rampant hacking in games. Gamers using hacks play with big advantages and with tie-hacks at their disposal, they rarely lose.ZMap is perhaps the best hack made for Warcraft III, written by Zoid.

It has many features and is updated regularly to work on BNet. So what can the uberhack really do? I've taken screenshots of its many features, taken from a post by Bendik. The list is too long to post here.

features of ZMap, a Warcraft III hack

features of ZMap, a Warcraft III hack

ZMap is not free of charge. You can't just download it and use it.

In line with this topic, I've started a poll on the most notorious hacker in Lordaeron. I've also received word that it no longer works with the new BNet patch released a few days ago.

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