Warcraft III Tools and Applications

Dec 20, 2008

List of useful Warcraft III tools and applications.

  • SK Replay Parser - excellent replay parser and currently the one I am using.
  • Warcraft 3 Replay Parser - new replay parser.
  • W3GMaster - parses information contained in Warcraft III replay files (*.w3g); APM checker, chat log, replay renamer.
  • W3Chart - another replay parser converted to Warcraft III  from BWChart.
  • War3 Replay Info Tool - another replay parser.
  • Warkeys - Edit your custom keys for ROC and TFT.
  • Garena - formerly GG Client, Garena is a multi-function platform that allows gamers to chat, challenge opponents, and play their favorite games online with millions of gamers world-wide. 
  • Stealthbot - is a binary bot used to connect to Battle.Net as a chat client.
  • Banlist - allows you to make a list of player accounts that you can use to ban players in your self-hosted, Battle.Net, custom games.
  • List Checker -  is an application that allows you to host games on Battle.net with a significant improvement in latency (delay, lag).
    Tutorials: Installation, Advanced
  • Visual Custom Kick - enables you to kick players out of your Warcraft 3 games if you are host, automatically refresh your game, reduce the game start delay, notify you when your game is full and many more.
  • ROC CD-key changer - allows you to change your ROC CD-key without having to reinstall the game.
  • TFT CD-key changer - allows you to change your TFT CD-key without having to reinstall the game.
  • BNet Diagnostics Tool - enables you to perform various diagnostic tests which can precisely identify the cause of the problems you encounter when connecting to Battle.Net.
  • Reset BNet Gateways - resets the Battle.Net gateways to their default values.
  • Hamachi - sets up a Virtual Private Network between computers; play with others as if you're on a LAN.

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