12 Days of Starcraft Christmas

Dec 24, 2008

Tired of listening to Starcraft units spout their usual lines when you click them? Listen as they sing the 12 Days of Starcraft Christmas...

Merry Christmas!

12 Days of Starcraft Christmas lyrics

On the twelfth day of Christmas,

Blizzard gave to me...
12 Arbiters,
11 Science Vessels,
10 Ultralisks,
9 Battle Cruisers,
8 Archons Burning,
7 Zerglings swarming,
6 Zealots fighting,
5 newborn Queens,
4 Hydralisks,
3 Marines,
2 Terran Wraiths,
and a brand new SCV.

All: Whoo!
Wraith Pilot: Why am I so jolly?

Marine: Hey, who spiked the egg nog?

Music: Traditional
Lyrics: Tracy W. Bush
Arrangement: Tracy W. Bush
Vocals: Glenn Stafford, Chris Metzen, Jason Hayes, Tracy W. Bush

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