7 Fun Facts about Warcraft III

Dec 6, 2008

7 Fun Facts about Warcraft III

  1. The animation of a dying Demon Hunter shows the hero committing suicide. In essence, this should mean no experience points for the enemy when the hero is killed. But that would be unfair.
  2. The Druid of the Talon and Necromancer units as well as the prophet Medivh were voiced by Michael Bell. His other game-related voice works include the Druid class and Nihlathak in Diablo II: LoD, The Fear in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Haer'Dalis in Baldur's Gate II.
  3. The Buring Legion was originlly planned as a playable race but due to balancing issues, the idea was cancelled.
  4. Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos was available in 4 different boxarts when it was released, each representing a playable race.
  5. Human boxart Night Elf boxart Orc boxart Undead boxart
  6. When WarCraft III debuted at ECTS 1999, it was a 3rd-person, Role-Playing Strategy game, much like what you would see now when you zoom in on your hero. The camera was fixed on your hero and your army followed you as you completed quests. This was later changed into what it is now to minimize its resemblance to World of Warcraft which was also being worked on at that time.
  7. The bonus orc campaign features some characters who should have been in Blizzard's cancelled adventure game Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans like the goblin Gazlowe and the orc Nazgrel.
  8. The German Warcraft III translation was not done very well. While some voices sound funny, some are just way off the original meaning. For instance, they seem to have forgotten to apply effects on the voices so the undead sound more like humans.

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