Banned WarCraft III Battle.Net accounts!

Apr 20, 2010

Today, Battle.Net banned many Warcraft III accounts found to be using third-party programs. Blizzard finally did something right and managed to get most of the big ones.

Blizzard's successful invisible ban sweep has sparked new life on BNet, spurring activity in channels. Happy gaming, Warcraft 3 players!

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This will be a one-stop post for all past, present and future bans.

This list will include only Lordaeron and Azeroth accounts though I may add sections for the other gateways in the future if I can get lists big enough to enumerate.


CutieGirl, IsleOfTheDead, WhenSheMoves, heftyloneshark

April 20, 2010:

FatKidDown, BlackOut-, IWinTourny, cheechnchong, Imbaness, mouz.Lucasbot, LovelySnow, Zlis, SpeedElement, IMassHunts, dms-, YLoveisMe, Konvict, xkG)LeGit, AxG-RisKiN, RaPWiTaMuZZLe, ILoveLuci, Aesthetics, Demonhunterts, ylovenam), may)isimba, Haruhisuzumiya-, Lowridin, gem_ange, snowy., GawDLikE, Slik, oceangrave, suppahdupah, Q(O_o.Q), virus.exe, DidzisValentino, EdijsLeitans, pants-, pdubbz, SadnessNSorrow, fishbot, FFW.Nemesis, dizd, my50percentacc, iloveluci, KotG, dreamteam, FOCUSLOL, Summer.Love-, pencil, in10city, mr.907, rs., sprit-elf, icehybrid, woopster, FireLord, lowridin, loveyou-, yont[ep], go)easy

for-boa., UFCChamp, lux, fish.time, Cova, YourJustBad, Jinsda., PlsNoNoobs, ILoseALot-, ddrapeu, Jimmy-Lin, Brotha, Mind.Warrior, WhoStoleMyMicro, WatchMePlay, tonberryqueen, barrydaduck, amino., elegance-, dogfonos, infinity-, yorkflex, fatmonkey, party-, lovevn., isthislovereal.


yz., lucasbot, za.abaza, trashbagman, Re.Casper, easy_owned, ThinkOfMeFondly, avid.milk2, starcraftlegend, packinheat, eli[t]e, g0lem, dreamteamm, RussianPLayer, IamFlame, amMacias, Rakuen, w_w_w, PROka4ka, lordli(hum)nick, flink., MYSTYLE-, YloveFEDERAL, YnEwB[i]NhAwY, p0wergirl-, WITHOUTCRYING, vi-mi-, FaceDrop, MoUzE.fAke, Wog)tv-, FOCUSMYHEAD, R0FLINS1DEYOU, IAMDISCONECT, american.badass, 2IMBA4THIS, LeaVeMeBe, archmage[wiz], RABiD-SQUiRREL, evenstar, IamMacias, IamFlame, POKERSTARS.COM, stuck27, ElideN., realist, ifb

If you know more banned Warcraft III BNet accounts, leave a comment below so I can add them to the list.

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