Diablo III Opening Cinematic

Dec 12, 2011

Blizzard logo-candle

This is the Diablo III opening cinematic first shown at Spike TV's Video Game Awards 2011 on Dec 10.

There is the cake-icing Blizzard logo, animated concept art, armies of angels and demons, Leah and of course hellfire. But the highlight is Deckard Cain rendered in full 3D. Just look at all the beard!

raven concept art
raven posing for the camera

army of angels
so many angels with their wings/tentacles

army of demons
army of demons

demon vs angel
demon vs angel

angel overpowering
angel overpowering

demon overpowering
demon overpowering

angel vs demon
angel >>> demon

angel concept art
can you tell if I'm Tyrael or not?

Diablo concept art

Leah cutey

Deckard Cain
Stay awhile and listen, Leah.

Deckard Cain
Look 'ma, my beard

Deckard Cain
more Deckard Cain's beard exposure

meteorites about to hit Tristram Cathedral
an infernal about to hit Tristram cathedral

something tells me you have to enter this hole

Leah crying
crying Leah still a cutie

Diablo 3 logo burning
burning Diablo III logo

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