Diablo III release date - May 15

Mar 16, 2012

This is official. The release date for Diablo III has just been announced. As the official announcement goes...

...The End of Days approaches…. Diablo III will be unleashed from the Burning Hells on May 15, 2012...

Diablo III release date and digital pre-sale

After months and months of waiting, Diablo III finally gets an official release date.

Diablo III has been largely delayed. It was first announced on June 28, 2008 at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational.

Then came Blizzard's vague announcements on the game's release. Last year, Blizzard announced that they were pushing for a year-end release date. Then another one that estimated an "early 2012" release date. None of them were true of course.

During the early months of 2012, Diablo III underwent many system changes. Apparently, Blizzard was still tweaking the game, removing and adding in some features based on feedback from beta testers.

Well, they can delay the game as long as they want as long as the final product is well polished and of top-notch quality.

2 Months To Go!!!

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