WC3 Comprehensive 3v3 Guide

Feb 14, 2009

3v3 is a game type less popular in the Warcraft 3 scene. Being out of scope of professional leagues, its different strategies remain largely unknown or unused. Worry no more. Experienced Azeroth players have written a comprehensive 3v3 guide. Whether you're new to this game type, an occasional 3v3 player or an advanced micro maniac you're sure to pick up a thing or two.

The guide has many pictures highlighting important notes. It lists useful tips for each race pointing out its different strengths and weaknesses. It covers many different strategies from the commonly used "massing" types to the surprising "teching" ones. But more importantly, it gives sound advice on counter-strategies and explains small details that can change the outcome of a game. Read the guide for a more fun and fulfilling 3v3 game.

Download the guide from the original post or from this link .

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