How to get good Battle.Net stats

Dec 4, 2009

Warcraft III BNet stats

The Battle.Net Warcraft III stats is simply a record of your account's wins and losses. Being the only readily visible gauge of one's skill aside from the account level, some players consider it an important part of playing the Warcraft III BNet ladder and are willing to give extra effort just to achieve desirable stats. Don't think too much about it. Getting good stats is not as hard as you think.

  1. Practice. Nothing is better than raising your stats by winning with your own skills. In order to win games, you need to know what to do, what units to make and how to counter different strategies. Watch replays and learn from the others. Experience pays - the more you play the better you get.
  2. Abuse. To abuse is to amass losses on purpose before playing "real" games. The idea is to artificially lower the Expected Ladder Level or ELL( BNet's gauge of a player's skill) of the account. You see, BNet matches accounts with others of similar ELL. And so, abused accounts will play against mostly non-skilled until the ELL becomes high again. Abusing the system is being frowned upon by some players but it's completely legitimate... and effective.
  3. Dodge. This means avoiding a particular player or team. If you play regularly on BNet, you'll become familiar with players, their skills and how they play. With the use of /whois command, you can see the status of an online player and use it to decide whether to search for a game or not. You might wanna "dodge" that rank 6 night elf you can hardly beat, delay your search until that human who masses towers finds a game or wait until that hacking NE-UD team finds its next victim. You get the idea.
  4. Call a Friend. With the help of a friend, you can change the outcome of a match. The idea is to search together and hopefully be in the same game as your friend. For solo, your friend simply leaves and gives you a free win. In team games (RT), your friend can either carry(as ally) or teamkill(as opponent). Of course, your friend must be good enough to do these. I've seen players who actually do this so I'm putting it here.

There are other shady means of getting good BNet stats. Buying an account surely does the job, but it's not the smartest idea. If you buy an account with good stats, you're most likely not a good player. Therefore, you can't play and live up to your good stats. "For display only."

Using Warcraft III hacks on Battle.Net is the most despicable thing you can do. In the world of video games, it is the worst possible crime. Hack and risk your account and cd-keys getting banned (good riddance). And the word "hacker" always follows you. Once a hacker, always a hacker.

Having good stats is nice but don't take it too seriously, else you take out the fun in playing the game.You win some; you lose some. Play for fun, not for stats. Surely, you didn't log on to bnet to impress your e-friends with your 80% fake stats and inflate your e-ego(?lol). Take it from me: the really good ones are those sitting quietly in the channel donning those 60% stats. They don't need to show off; their skills stick out in their games.


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