Warcraft III is Serious Business

Dec 14, 2009

Just how serious is Warcraft III? Whisper of Clan oS has this to say:

Winning is the only thing that matters. You play to win the game. But very few discover this game moral early on. People are usually hit by the "low win percentage phase" where they have no clue of what they are doing and continue to search for 4v4 Random Team games brainlessly. In the world of 4v4 RT, games are decided by the size of your army and the strength of your unit composition. Micro, skill, and reaction time are completely taken out of the equation. You can't expect to win in a 4v4 game because your allies are completely random, and most people who play 4v4 RT are horrible newbies new to the game. Search times are long, and you get nothing out of it. 3v3 RT works the same way. The chart below shows the skill to size of game rating:

Larger battles require less micro. Mindlessly attacking ground in 4v4 games results in the victory of whoever has the strongest army - size, tier 3 unit choice, etc. In 2v2 Arranged Team however, you encounter higher levels of gameplay. More general strategies and combos are introduced. Getting to this level will make you a better player, even if you are transitioning from a 4v4 RT style of play to a newbie hunt mass style. In 2v2 AT, you can actually assume you're going to win the game, so it's not just a toss-up. When you run into hackers, remember they are bad. Just because they can see you doesn't mean they can outmicro you. Make sure you're with an ally you can trust.

Call a Friend. With the help of a friend, you can change the outcome of a match. The idea is to search together and hopefully be in the same game as your friend. For solo, your friend simply leaves and gives you a free win. In team games (RT), your friend can either carry(as ally) or teamkill(as opponent). Of course, your friend must be good enough to do these. I've seen players who actually do this so I'm putting it here.
-from How to get good Bnet Stats

Remember, Warcraft III is serious business. You should only lose if you weren't planning on winning. However, watch out for Koreans when playing on battle.net. They are the counter to pros. You should only be playing for fun once you have reached a certain skill rating and win percentage. You can never know who is good just by their percentage. That's why when choosing an ally, you must look carefully and examine their gameplay.

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