Playing Warcraft III without keyboard and mouse

Feb 17, 2010

What is it like to play Warcraft III without a keyboard and a mouse?

Just a quick post of 2 videos where Warcraft III is used as a demo program for touchscreen hardware and voice recognition software.

NOTE: These are too cool to miss.

Some thoughts for those who play Warcraft III:
  • Actions per minute(apm) now has a bigger impact because you're making real actions instead of spamming right clicks.
  • The touchscreen monitor should be tough enough to withstand constant battering especially vs hackers where /rage and /ragequit are highly possible.
  • This should work better in DotA games because you only need to control one hero (yawn).
  • Battle.Net should have a different set of icons (like the Tournament set) for games played using the touchscreen monitor.
  • Playing like this can give your arms a good workout. Talk about working out while playing video games...
  • Playing like this gives you a more fulfilling experience because you actually touch the avatars of your units.
  • Imagine that you could control each finger to do a separate task. Now that makes you more efficient and faster than the keyboard and mouse combo.
  • Playing Warcraft III on mobile devices is possible with this control scheme.
  • Special feature for the Warcraft III: Touchscreen Edition (monitor included) - punching the monitor as hard as you can gives you an automatic win.

For voice recognition:
  • Usage of items will be a lot easier. Just say the name of the item and it will be used.
  • In addition to in-game commands, the software should recognize common Warcraft III lingo and type the proper macro (e.g. gl hf, gg, lol, wtf, noob, nice hax, pwned, hackers down).
  • A voice recorder should be integrated into the game to properly record the voice in replay files.
  • The replay file should record the words per minute (wpm) in addition to actions per minute(apm).

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