Orc-Human 2v2 Guide: Maps

Mar 10, 2010

Des (Whisper) wrote an interesting guide discussing the Warcraft III Orc-Human 2v2 team. A solid 2v2 Arranged Team player himself, he speaks from his experiences playing the strong race combo.

Orc-Human 2v2 Guide by Des

To understand this guide, you only need to know the basics like build orders and creeping. No Master's degree in Micromanagement is required, though a good sense of humor is necessary. So read on and enjoy.

Part 2 - HEROES
Part 3 - MATCH-UPS

Once considered the strongest 2v2 race combo, the Orc/Human team creates a balanced attack and causes devastating damage to enemy heroes. This guide will explain to you nearly every single standard situation (I am sorry, I cannot account for the dual alchemist burrow rush you are about to face) an Orc/Human team can come up against and how to deal with this situation. I obviously have too much time on my hands because I am writing this. Anyways, time to take you from suck to pro.


The following maps should be up on your Arranged Teams list:

Centaur Grove
One of the lesser maps for Orc/Human, but nevertheless still playable. The base designs for this map are quite horrible and a blunder by blizzard. The terrain is the same as that of Copper canyon, which also happens to be a horrible map.

Gnoll Wood
A good map for Orc/Human. This map allows the human player to militia creep the Merchant camp if you spawn in the correct location. This map also allows Orc to stack items on the Blademaster due to the small camps with passive bonus drops.

Lost Temple
Personally, I hate this map. It’s supposed to favor Orc/Human, but it’s pretty large which makes it hard to successfully dual harass a single player. Players are better off having the Blademaster creep out the center of the map while the human expos.

Phantom Grove
A good map for Orc/Human. There are some close quarters that are good fighting locations. The Blademaster can also kill the skeleton in the red camp for a high level item. The small gold mines allow Human to expo quickly or secretly expo later in the game without the opponent noticing.

Turtle Rock
A great harass map for Orc/Human. The map is small, which makes traversing across it very quick, maximizing the potential damage that can be dealt.

Twisted Meadows
The perfection of all maps. This map is balanced for almost every 2v2 game. However, a good human can creep out the Goblin merchant quickly and get level 2 before an opposing, harassing hero can reach the Archmage. This is an advantage for human. Sometimes, choosing harass over creeping is a good option.

Another harass map. The creeps beyond the green camp are very strong, which makes opponent’s creeping difficult. This allows you to put pressure on certain enemy races (primarily Elf/Undead) making their creeping attempts futile.

Copper Canyon
This is a difficult map to play against Elf/Undead on because it is large, making it hard to reach the opposing elf’s base quickly. The basic idea is to militia creep the gold mine, and then proceed with Orc to one of the Orange camps at the middle. Good micro is required considering an Elf/Undead team will have many more units.

Next Part: HEROES

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