Orc-Human 2v2 Guide: Match-ups

Mar 14, 2010

Des (Whisper) wrote an interesting guide discussing the Warcraft III Orc-Human 2v2 team. A solid 2v2 Arranged Team player himself, he speaks from his experiences playing the strong race combo.

Orc-Human 2v2 Guide by Des

To understand this guide, you only need to know the basics like build orders and creeping. No Master's degree in Micromanagement is required, though a good sense of humor is necessary. So read on and enjoy.

Part 1 - MAPS
Part 2 - HEROES

vs Orc-Human
When you play against Orc/Human you encounter a standard mirror matchup. Orc goes standard – grunt, raiders and spirit walkers. Human goes dual Sanctum for Spellbreakers. Limit yourself to three or four priests. The objective of the human player is to focus fire opposing heroes, such as a mountain king or a Blademaster caught in the open. The orc has the job of hexing/using windwalk to finish that hero off. Otherwise, depending on your positioning, you should be focusing the spellbreakers. Orcs should try to focus raiders or other spellbreakers, while they try to keep their own units alive. If for some idiotic reason you let the game reach a tier 3 expo war, Gryphons and Knights are the way to go. But Orc/Human Tier 2 is the strongest Tier 2 combination in the game. You should effectively be able to end the game or get owned trying.

vs Undead-Night Elf
There are many strategies you could do versus the standard UD-NE mass. First, tower rushing. Human goes standard AM and targets fiends and heroes. Orc can mass grunts with naga, SH wards, or BM pool. (BM pool requires human to go 2 Barracks.) Second, AM/BM harass or AM/SH harass. If AM/SH, then you should be harassing undead. Hex and target the fiends. At levels 2 and 3, Shadow Hunter goes Serpent wards to counter the hunts, while Human goes a regular delayed rifle build. For AM/BM harass, your job is to hurt elf as much as possible, targeting moon wells and wisps. If all goes well and UD comes to help, he will lose the XP gained from creeping and maybe a fiend or two if you control well. The 3rd option to this is for human to creep and Orc to harass elf alone, but it is less effective. Keep in mind it doesn't matter if they have more hunts, rifles have beards. (I won't go into detail on that, I'm sure you understand)
Replays of Harass/Fake Tower

vs Orc-Elf
This also gives an option to tower. The dual Rax footmen pool tower rush is effective if the elf is going huntresses. It gives you the time. 5-6 foots and water elemental + BM versus 2 grunts is a very good scenario, especially if you have towers going up in the back too. In a standard build, human should be getting an after-tech blacksmith for riflemen - BEARDED MEN. Human can also get Naga Sea Witch second, perhaps attempting a Tier 2 tower push with only heroes and tier 1 units. If you are able to cancel Ancient of Lores, this tower push could prove really effective. In latter game, Mortars become viable in countering Dryads. Keeping Blademaster at bay is crucial to getting 100% effectiveness out of your morts. Another option is the blind pool 4 peasant speed tower rush. If you hit orc, you should build your towers out of burrow range. If you hit elf, you win.

vs Orc-Elf Mass
http://www.demonreps.com/os/details-30973/ [vs hackers]

vs Elf-Elf
Tower rush for sure, whether it's with heroes or without. Four-peasant speed rush is effective if they don't have an Ancient of War going up when you reach a base. For maps like gnoll wood, this strategy can prove ineffective. If you don't tower rush, get piercing and siege with casters. Archmage can retrain to blizzard if necessary for maximum damage.

vs Orc-UD, Elf-Hu
Go mortar teams after 40 food Breakers

vs UD-HU
Orc should go standard and Human should go dual-rax breakers.

I hope you enjoyed my vague guide. If you're already an educated player, you should already understand what "standard" is and should have learned some extra tricks from this guide. If you have questions about the human race, feel free to spam whichever high % human player is in channel. (Although this could be inaccurate considering most high % players are crashhackers)

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