The Tauren Chieftain: HARASSING and STOMPING

Jun 6, 2010

By Des

"No more Babymaster"
- Nedbone

The masters of Warcraft III have yet to realize what the pinnacle of power truly is. People complain that the blademaster is imbalanced, but in fact, it is the great Tauren Chieftain who is. Many newbs will soon come to realize that there is nothing you can do against this beast. This badass hero is terror that people have yet to soon realize.

"RUN ***** RUN"
Because that's all your ever going to be able to do against Durn Harpyslayer.

The TC's endurance aura was nerfed from having critical strike. Originally, blizzard engineers had given the Tauren Chieftain the innate ability to critical strike. But soon realizing the imbalance due to hours of in-depth beta testing, they had to remove it. You must unleash his powerful abilities early game through a harass. This way, opponents will learn to save time and leave now. Remember, when choosing the TC, you must be aware that there is no room for any other hero.

"Get off my screen"
The TC works alone. There are no sidekicks.

"Keep em coming, boss"
It's only a matter of time before they run out of forces.

As you may have noticed from games you have played, the Tauren Chieftain levels up very fast. He does not share XP with those weaker than him.

"Get out of my house"
A tower rush is singe-handedly thwarted by the amazing Tauren Chieftain.

Remember: the Tauren Chieftain has 5 activated abilities. 2 of which are "Roar of fear" and "Scream of Terror". Both can be activated by players simply by shouting "For my ancestors!" or "None shall pass!". His activated ones are shown here:

1. Shockwave

The Chieftain slams his giant axe thing (which, by the way, is the most awesome ****** weapon in the entire game.) The shockwave either heavily damages or completely kills units or structures. As shown in the picture, the full HP huntress has taken a hit from the shockwave, bringing it down to 1% health. The other hunt however, will not be as lucky. The allied hunts quickly move out of the way to prevent themselves from getting hit by the ferocious attack.

2. Warstomp

Stomping your opponents is a literal term when you use the Tauren Chieftain. Simply by clicking on the ground repeatedly, the TC unleashes a devastating slam on the ground that stuns and kills nearby units, heroes, and structures (As you can see, the moon well has taken a significant amount of damage just from one stomp)

3. Starfall

The Tauren Chieftain utilizes his command over the stars and planets to unleash lightning balls of death upon opposing units and structures. The ability is not channeled.

"Out of my way; I'm buying stuff."

The TC can utilize items. As you can see in the image, the Chieftain has purchased boots of speed. Every goblin merchant has special boots made just for the Tauren Chieftain. He has now gained the ability to walk on water, float, shoot lasers, and call down nuclear strikes.

"Get Back Here I Hungreh"

The TC harass allows you to take out over 80% of a targets health without taking any damage. Even Superman has nothing to do but run.

Kill the TC? Impossible; he always comes back.

As you can see, the TC is an obvious beast. This powerhouse of terror can be controlled by your fingertips. Simply train a Tauren Chieftain, and unleash hell on your opponents.

Credit for title art goes to ~control01

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