Starcraft II: The 4Gate

Aug 23, 2010

Fast 4gate build order guide.

There are more variations to the 4gate build. You are likely to be delayed by an early attack, so you might have to build units for defense early on. This build focuses on getting four gateways up as soon as possible. However, the majority of uses the same build in a slower variation. This short guide will show you a better, faster way to go about playing protoss using the 4gate.

9/10 -> Probe -> Pylon (Use Probe to scout)

10/18 -> After pylon finishes, drop gateway down immediately.

12/18 -> Assimilator, 3 probes on it right after it finishes.

15/18 -> Cybernetics Core (supply count could be off, the idea is to drop it right after gateway finishes) As soon as core finishes, start researching warpgate and chronoboosting it as many times as possible

16/18 -> Pylon

20/26 -> Save 450, drop 3 gateways.

After that, get your 2nd assimilator and keep pumping probes until you have 24 on minerals and 6 on gas. Your next 2 pylons after you finish the build should be used as proxy pylons placed in intelligent locations.

The reason this build is better than your standard 4gate is because beginners tend to pump probes non-stop, which delays their gateways. This breaks the unison of warpgate research finishing around the same time as the gateways. The delayed second assimilator also prevents assimilator blocks from hurting your economy.

If you start mining gas right after your assimilator finishes, you will have enough for at least 2 stalkers and a sentry before you start having gas issues. If you cannot warp in stalkers, warp in zealots. Stalkers were designed to be a "support unit" anyways. However, your second assimilator will be done before your gates finish. This should get you in the position to push as soon as possible.

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