New Horadric Cube app from Blizzard

Apr 1, 2011

Blizzard just released a new application for smartphones. Named after the famed item in Diablo II, the Horadric Cube app has the same power as the original item, all at your fingertips!

This is a one-time exclusive offer from Blizzard available only today.

After years of fevered development and tireless research into the mysteries of the Horadrim, we've finally succeeded in capturing the power of one of Sanctuary's most enigmatic artifacts in a portable, downloadable form…. Behold, the Horadric Cube app for your smartphone or supported mobile device! But beware: great power often comes at a terrible price.

Diablo III - Horadric Cube application for smartphones

The Horadric Cube app has two main features.
  1. Transmutation - Maximize your smartphone's potential and create brand-new apps from scratch by combining and transforming your existing apps!
  2. Translocation - Open demonic portals to dimensions of nameless horror using your Horadric Cube!
Transmutation has the same power as the original item. By combining at least 2 apps, you can create more powerful apps with more features. Translocation on the hand is currently unavailable but its power is said to open portals to the Burning Hells by consuming sacred runes.

Because the Horadric Cube is such a powerful artifact, using it can have unimaginable bad side effects. People who wish to use this application on their smartphones are advised to heed the warning written under the Disclaimer at the bottom of the page. You don't wanna go to Hellforge do you?

Okay, enough with the silly talk.

The Horadric Cube is actually a mini-game where you combine at least 2 apps (with strikingly familar names that is) to unlock new apps. These new apps can then be recombined with others in the same process. The Horadrapp says there are 40 combinations but the image below shows 45 icons.

Diablo III - Horadric Cube icons

Horadrapp Combinations:

Visagebook + Catch Dotcom = Soulmatch
|_Soulmatch + Angry Imps = Plenty of Imps
   |_Plenty of Imps + Agro Town = Prismatic Tome
|_Soulmatch + Agro Town = Fruitbook
   |_Fruitbook + Angry Town = Yawp
|_Soulmatch + Angry Imps + Agro Town = Kitchen Sink v2.0

Visagebook + Angry Imps = Wirt's Leg
|_Wirt's Leg + Catch Dotcom = Plenty of Imps
   |_Plenty of Imps + Agro Town = Curse Village
|_Wirt's Leg + Agro Town = Tome of Town Portal
   |_Tome of Town Portal + Catch Dotcom = Angry Imps
|_Wirt's Leg + Catch Dotcom + Agro Town = Quiver of Arrows

Visagebook + Agro Town = Fallenville
|_Fallenville + Catch Dotcom = Fruitbook
   |_Fruitbook + Angry Imps = Angry Fruit
|_Fallenville + Angry Imps = MeSpout
   |_MeSpout + Catch Dotcom = Chatter
|_Fallenville + Catch Dotcom + Angry Imps = Kitchen Sink v2.0

Catch Dotcom + Angry Imps = Imp Finder
|_Imp Finder + Visagebook = ChirpStack
   |_ChirpStack + Agro Town = Impville
|_Imp Finder + Agro Town = Fetish
   |_Fetish + Visagebook = Cheaply
|_Imp Finder + Visagebook + Agro Town = Kitchen Sink v2.0

Catch Dotcom + Agro Town = Tome of Town Portal
|_Tome of Town Portal + Visagebook = Khalim's Will
   |_Khalim's Will + Angry Imps = Kindling
|_Tome of Town Portal + Angry Imps = Imps vs Tomes
   |_Imps vs Tomes + Visagebook = Imps vs Visages
|_Tome of Town Portal + Visagebook + Angry Imps = Secret Cow Level

Angry Imps + Agro Town = Angrytown
|_Angrytown + Visagebook = Cut the Hope
   |_Cut the Hope + Catch Dotcom = OK...
|_Angrytown + Catch Dotcom = Double Hell
   |_Double Hell + Visagebook = Scarytown
|_Angrytown + Visagebook + Catch Dotcom = Hellpe

Visagebook + Catch Dotcom + Angry Imps = B'gemmed
|_B'gemmed + Agro Town = Chat Gem

Visagebook + Catch Dotcom + Agro Town = Goatspace
|_Goatspace + Angry Imps = Angry Goats

Visagebook + Angry Imps + Agro Town = Angry Imps
|_Angry Imps + Angry Imps

Catch Dotcom + Angry Imps + Agro Town = Imps vs Goatmen
|_Imps vs Goatmen + Visagebook = Hooks-up

Soulmatch + Angrytown = Full Rejuvenation Potion
Wirt's Leg + Tome of Town Portal = Secret Cow Level
Fallenville + Imp Finder = Jade Ring

Visagebook + Catch Dotcom + Angry Imps + Agro Town = Kitchen Sink

Full page screenshot

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