StarCraft II Motion Overdrive

Apr 2, 2011

StarCraft II is coming to consoles. This marks the first step in Blizzard's plan to return to the consoles scene. Named the StarCraft Motion Overdrive, it is said to be the future of the StarCraft franchise.

StarCraft II Motion Overdrive
StarCraft: Motion Overdrive. The way real-time strategy is meant to be played.

Ever since its inception, the real-time strategy genre has been missing one crucial gameplay element: You. Generations of players have commanded their forces from afar, making tactical decisions and planning their strategies at a safe distance from the front lines. But now, we finally have the technology to put you at the center of the battlefield. Welcome to StarCraft: Motion Overdrive!

Fusion at the end to beat Veggie Smuggler.

Combining advanced body tracking hardware of modern consoles with the exciting strategy gameplay of StarCraft II, StarCraft: Motion Overdrive will allow you to experience StarCraft like never before. Use gesture-based controls to direct your forces and out-move your enemies. Challenge your friends in intense multi-actor matches either locally via split screen or online. Wave your arms in the air like you do, in fact, care.

Visit the official StarCraft Motion Overdrive page for more info.

The full page screenshot in case Blizzard takes off the webpage.

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