Tyrael Statue at BlizzCon 2011

Nov 9, 2011

In case you missed the biggest Blizzard event of the year, BlizzCon 2011, here is the statue of Archangel Tyrael from the Diablo universe. 

Archangel Tyrael's statue at BlizzCon 2011

This goes to say that Diablo III is the next big Blizzard game.

For those who are ignorant of Diablo lore, Archangel Tyrael is the one who destroyed the corrupted WorldStone in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction causing chaos in the mortal world. We all have him to thank for Diablo 3. The video below is the final cinematic shown when you finish the last Diablo game released ten years ago.

Destruction's End

More pics of the Tyrael statue in BlizzCon 2011:

Hi-Res Image, 2.3 MB

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