Beyond the Game - WCG Theme Song

Nov 8, 2008

The WCG slogan, "Beyond the Game", means that the WCG is not just a world game tournament, but also combines the world to create harmony and enjoyment through the shared emotions. Further, the WCG slogan hopes for peace that emerge during its tournament, which fosters mutual respect amongst all participants from all over the world as we strive together to build an attractive "World Cultural Festival".

Beyond the Game lyrics

(Go beyond...)
(Go beyond the game...)

Ooooooooooh, yeah! (yeah! yeah! yeah!)

You and I, we have met before
Through the magic of a moment in cyberspace
Driven by a passion to win
Playin' heart to heart, face to face
The challenge of a lifetime
Stands before us now

Beyond the game
In the shadow of the golden gate
We have come to decide our fate
We're here to celebrate
Beyond the game
Beyond the game
At last the moment’s at hand
All we need is to believe we can
We'll make our stand
Beyond the game! (beyond the game!)
Beyond the game! (beyond the game!)
Beyond the game! (beyond the game!)
The World Cyber Games!

The teams are here, the spirit is right
We're connected now in a powerful way
We celebrate our diversity
Around the world with a passion to play
The planet will be watching
The message will be heard



Beyond the Game sung by an opera singer in WCG 2008, Germany.

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