WCG 2008 Warcraft III Winners

Nov 11, 2008

WCG 2008

The dust has settled; the battle is over; and the winners of the 2008 World Cyber Games have been proclaimed. For Warcraft III, Grubby emerged victorious 2-1 against his old-school rival Moon. Recovering from a loss in the first map Turtle Rock, Grubby went on to win the two remaining maps, Secret Valley and Twisted Meadows to take home the title he once held in 2004. The Meet Your Makers(MyM) duo also made WCG history as they became the first players from the same team to finish in the top two.

Moon vs Grubby, Turtle Rock

Moon vs Grubby, Secret Valley

Moon vs Grubby, Twisted Meadows

WCG 2008 Warcraft III Results
Moon and Grubby Press Conference after their match.

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