Battle.Net to implement new Matchmaking system

Apr 1, 2010

Blizzard announced a new automatic matchmaking system to be implemented on Battle.Net. BNet is the popular free gaming service provided by Blizzard to its players for its various titles in the Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo series. This move could be the first in a series of changes to prepare Blizzard's old games to use the upcoming Battle.Net 2.0.

Battle.Net matchmaking

The new matchmaking system comes with a new logo and a tagline: "someone to pwn noobs with." In an official statement Blizzard said:
In our heart of hearts, what we are really looking for in another player is a connection that's deep, meaningful, and true; we are all looking for our perfect match...'s new and improved matchmaking features will help you find someone to pwn noobs with.

The new Battle.Net amm is fully-featured allowing players to pick a from wide range of customizations. It will work on any game type (solo, 2v2, Free For All) and even give compatible allies in World of Warcraft.

Battle.Net matchmaking - 1v1, 2v2 or FFA

New Battle.Net matchmaking options:

I am a
  • psionic alien
  • orc warrior 
  • colonial marshal
  • triune cultist
  • mmmrrrrgggglll!
  • lonely wizard
looking for a
  • hot date
  • mighty ally
  • starship co-pilot
  • master of ceremonies
  • wrranngrrllwrrl!
  • fiery romance
  • level 30
  • level 60
  • level 90
  • Silver League
  • Silverbrook
  • Silverwind Refuge
  • Silverline Lake
  • Silvermyst Isle
  • The Moon
  • level 60
  • level 80
  • level 99 
  • Gold League
  • Goldshire
  • Gold Coast Quarry
  • Goldenmist Village
  • Goldenstrand
  • New York City

Go find your perfect match now: Battle.Net Matchmaking

Let's hope Blizzard implements this soon along with the long-overdue ladder reset. This will surely reduce the painfully long search times in high level games.

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